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New recruiting tool will revolutionize College Softball Recruiting for both athletes and scouts!

CALIFORNIA – April, 15 2013 – There are 1000 NCAA colleges with school funded athletic programs in the United States. Of these colleges, less than half offer athletic scholarships. Each year only 126,000 athletes receive athletic scholarships. With roughly 7 million high school athletes in the U.S. today, the competition for athletic scholarships is fierce. Athletes’ parents spend between $500-$2500 a year on outside help in order to find these highly prized financial aid packages. The high cost for higher education and the perceived prestige that comes with signing the National Letter of Intent has developed a large demand for college recruiting services. The recruiting industry has continued to grow exponentially due to fierce competition between athletes and tightening college budgets across the country. ENTER REAL TIME ATHLETES! 

Intense competition for a limited number of scholarships available nationwide, places a huge significance on unique, personalized recruiting experiences. Most small recruiting firms only focus on the player segment; developing personalized videos and marketing campaigns. On the other hand, big-box online recruiting sites focus on providing a social, profile connection between the college coach and athlete. Although both methods have their definite benefits, no current channel provides a clear connection between all segments involved in the recruiting process; student athletes, college coaches, team coaches, and tournament directors. With such fierce competition in the market, email marketing, social profiles, and even phone calls are simply not enough. An athlete simply cannot be competitive in this market without having robust connections to everyone involved in the recruiting process.

Real Time Athletes BRIDGES THOSE CHANNELS! FPR provides robust profiles, calendars, social connections, email marketing, and real time/location tracking and searches for all members of the process: college coaches, athletes, team coaches, and tournament directors nationwide. The Player Module provides detailed personal, athletic, and academic profiles, video and picture hosting, event scheduling, teammate connections, and personalized recruiting advice. The College Coach Module includes detailed profile searches based on a variety of search categories including position, GPA, graduation year, location, etc. The Travel Team Coach Module provides coaches with an easy way to enter tournaments, advertise clinics and events, and includes a free, professional team website. Finally, the Tournament Director Module eliminates the need for paper recruiting booklets, brackets, and player registration. Tournament registration is done automatically when a player signs up for an account. By focusing on all segments of the recruiting market and providing personalized, targeted solutions, Real Time Athletes connects all segments of recruiting process seamlessly and has the ability to scale large databases quickly in real time at no cost to the end user. Also, did we mention that it is currently free! 

The primary objective of Real Time Athletes will be to provide a service to help athletes, who constantly fall under the radar, to succeed in the recruiting world. As stated by Tony Rico, a co-founder of Real Time Athletes, “FPR is a new and revolutionary game changer for all fastpitch athletes and college coaches” – Tony Rico 

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