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What Can FPR do for me?

Players are able to enter a detailed athletic profile, including all of the important criteria you, as a college coach, use to evaluate them. This profile acts as a promotion page for games, tournaments, practices, and even individual training sessions. The more they post, the more opportunities to see their skills and dedication to the game.

So what ? Players already send me all of that information.

We Agree! But does your current system allow you to search for players that match specific recruiting profiles in specific locations? Does your system allow you to create a profile to match the exact recruit needed based on gpa, grad year, position, height…? The list goes on by the way! As a college coach, you can use @FPR to create custom profiles to search for the exact players you need. You are no longer looking for a needle in a haystack!  

I still don't get it!

We @FPR pride ourselves on efficiency. Wasted time is wasted money, and in your case recruiting money! With the real time and location search, you can find the exact players who fit your unique needs within the tournaments, time frame, and distance that you are willing to travel. The system will then bring up all players who are competing within those parameters. One of those players could be your next All American! 

So no matter where you are, you can find a great player !

We all know that knowledge is power. So forget about worrying that you will miss seeing a great player if you aren’t watching games at the best field in the tournament. The days of posting yourself at the premier field hoping to find a star player are over! With the knowledge of exactly what players are playing where and up to date game times and player location maps, you can see the exact athletes who fit your recruiting needs no matter where you are! 

Can I still find players if I can't fit a big tournament into my budget ?

Big tournaments are just a piece of the recruiting puzzle. @FPR allows you to find players anywhere you travel. If your college team is traveling for a weekend of games, you can look up the surrounding area and find potential scouting opportunities from athletes who update their event calendars. It doesn’t have to be a big game! If you find an interesting player and you’re in the area, why not check it out? Whether its a championship game or a quick scrimmage, you can find that diamond in the rough! 


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